Privacy policy

BlueMelt respects the EU’s General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and this policy explains how we collect and treat any information you give us. You won’t find any complicated legal terms or long passages of unreadable text. We’ve no desire to trick you into agreeing to something you might later regret.

Why we value your privacy

We value your privacy as much as we do our own, so we’re committed to keeping your personal and business information safe. We’re uncomfortable with the information companies, governments, and other organisations keep on file, so we ask for only the bare minimum from visitors and subscribers. We’ll never use your personal information for any reason other than why you gave it, and We’ll never give anyone access to it unless we're forced to by law.

How we collect information

We use Clicky to log and analyze the traffic to this web site. You may review Clicky’s privacy policy at A “Unique ID” cookie is used for the “legitimate purpose” of identifying unique visitors, but otherwise no “personal data” is logged and we cannot (to our best knowledge) access details on individual visitors (see cookie policy below).

When you sign up for the newsletter we collect your name and email address. These details are stored with Mailchimp which is the platform we prefer. MailChimp will tell us if a subscriber has opened an email or clicked a link. We rarely look at individuals. Our primary concern is whether the content We are producing is of interest. That said, that data is available to us.

If you contact us by email, We store your name and email on our computers, which are encrypted and protected by a strong password. A copy of your messages and address is stored by our provider Fastmail.

What we use your information for

Your data will not be shared with anyone. We will use your contact information to reply to your inquiries and for newsletter management. Our newsletter does not contain direct marketing or advertising other than BlueMelt activity. It may contain reviews of software and music products we find useful or promote our music and that of artists we like.

The steps we take to keep your information private

Where we store your information in third-party services, Vito Tardia is the only person who has access. Passwords are stored in 1Password, an encrypted password manager, and a different, randomly generated password is used for each service. We never use the same password twice.

The computers we use are all encrypted using Apple FileVault and are protected by a strong passcode (We do not trust fingerprint access). These computers ask for authentication whenever they’re started or after 5 minutes of inactivity. Our mobile devices are also encrypted and protected by strong passcodes.

By providing your data you declare to accept this policy.

You can request the update or deletion of your data anytime.

Cookie policy

In order for this site to function correctly, we sometimes install small data files called “cookies” in your device.

A cookie is a small text file that websites store in your computer or mobile device while you are visiting them. Thanks to cookies, the website remembers your actions and preferences (e.g. login, language, font size, and other visualisation settings) so that you do not need to reinput them each time you come back to the site or navigate from one page to the other.

This site does not use navigation cookies.

This site uses the following third party cookies:

For more information on this statement you can contact the site owner, Vito Tardia, by email at vito(at)bluemelt(dot)co(dot)uk.